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A plan to merge human brains with computers

Elon Musk launched a new company which will Merge minds and machines. Meanwhile, a paralysed man used electrical brain implants to move his hand.

In 2006, Bill Kochevar was riding behind a truck during a charity bike ride. The truck suddenly stopped. He went head first into the truck . Unfortunately, he was paralysed for life.

But recently, a revolutionary new study revealed that he is able to move his hands again. In fact, the implants which have been embedded in his motor cortex allow him to drink and feed himself without help.


The billionaire Elon Musk launched his  company. He is already building electric cars and planning to send people to Mars. Now his latest deal, Neuralink, will develop neural lace technology. This means implanting electrodes in the brain to improve our bandwidth.


By: Hasnat Gul

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