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Cassini-Huygens: Mission to Saturn

The Cassini probe. A forefront for exploration outside of the standardised atmosphere of Earth. Launched towards Saturn on October 15, 1997 from the Cape Canaveral-its task? To endeavour towards Saturn to observe its standard conditions. Its first major event was its Venus Flyby dated April 26, 1998 which boosted its speed for about 4 Miles Per Second. An obvious staggering speed! The probe had further ventures such as an Earth-Moon Flyby, becoming the seventh ever spacecraft to go through an Asteroid-Belt and even had time to have a camera test… all this before 2003!


Fast Forward to March 9, 2006 there was concrete evidence to believe liquid water on Saturn’s Moon Enceladus was discovered as plumes were being fed by reservoirs located throughout this beautiful natural satellite. Yet another encapsulating event occurred on March 3 this time in 2009, it discovered a new moon. A wonder going by the name of Aegaeon. The smallest known moon of Saturn! In that same year another amazing event occurred during Saturn’s Equinox, its rings disappeared. I KID U NOT! Sunlight hit the rings exactly at an angle thus the disappearing act began!

Many more wonderful events transpired- a million blogs of which would be needed to list all of these miracles of nature. Of space.


To conclude the grand finale began as of April 22, 2017 it will end its magnificent journey with an extravagant need to orbit Saturn’s rings an amazing 22 times before plummeting into Saturn’s atmosphere and getting both crushed and vaporised from the extreme forces inflicted upon it as it takes its plunge. A valiant end to a truly beautiful journey. Cassini we hail both you and Nasa.


By: Arif Islam &  Zain Ali Mehmood

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